Wedding Management

J&E-21Wedding Day Management is designed for the couple that intends on planning their celebration, but needs a professional to handle all of the details for the wedding itself.

On your wedding day, you simply cannot be the bride, and be the planner too. At some point you will need to hand over the reins and enjoy the ride.

Wedding Day Management involves pulling together all your vendors so we work as one cohesive team, creating a seamless and spectacular celebration.

Your Timeline will include everything from the time you wake up, vendor arrivals, load-in logistics, bridal party arrival/departure/travel times, photography locations, who’ll holds the rings, the layout of speeches (and more), … right to your last dance, so that no detail will be overlooked.

Our attendance at your Final Venue Meetings, and Rehearsal ensures all the details are tracked, finalized, and distributed to those who need to be in the know.

On your Wedding Day, our on-site management ensure everything goes according to plan; guests feel welcome, the kitchen is ready and the bar is open on time, and the tissues and breath strips are at the ready.

The fee for this service starts at $2,700
*Additional fees would be for extra travel outside of the GTA, as well as additional assistants if required based on guest sizes of 200 guests or more).

*Combine this service with Plan Your Wedding on Paper, beginning at $3,700.*

Contact Jennifer for more details.