Core Belief Statements

Core Beliefs - the cornerstone of your business

“I am currently seeing the highest volume of inquiries that my business has ever experienced…

my conversion is 100%. WHAT!?” – Sarah Sansom

When you’re in business for yourself, you must understand THE THING that makes YOU unique.
This key component will help you create your value proposition and get you noticed in a noisy marketplace.

Our industry is oversaturated, so you MUST stand out. Your potential client is overwhelmed and can’t cut through the multitude of choices.  Every planner is offering exactly the same packages, the exact same services, and the verbiage all sounds the same.

So how do they decide? On PRICE. The ‘cheapest’ planner gets the contract. 

And THAT is a detriment to our industry – over and over again. And yet, I can’t blame them. If you compared apples to apples, wouldn’t YOU take the least expensive option? There doesn’t seem to be a difference, right?

This is a race to the bottom. 

Understanding your Core Belief is the gateway to unlocking your position in the marketplace.
You need to identify what makes you the only choice for your perfect client.

Identifying A Core Belief Statement

This private, ONE-TO-ONE Coaching Session begins with a DISC Personality Assessment.

We’ll find out where you land on the blended scale of traits and identify a host of insight into your special strengths, skills, and talents.

We’ll also be able to see where you might hold some blindspots. Understanding this will help you sharpen your business skillset so you can build your business muscles in areas that may be weaker.

Our TWO HOUR One-to-One Drill Down Session will hone your natural Secret Sauce, and create a statement that will resonate with your core.

The key here is that you are ALREADY doing business and life this way, however, because you’re so close to it, it’s nearly impossible to see and identify it yourself.

Once your Statement has been fine tuned, we’ll take a look at your website to see where your current marketing message may be in conflict with your TRUE message.

A quick website audit will identify images and copy you are currently using that doesn’t support your Unique Value Proposition, so you can begin a better branding message and attract your ideal client.

What Clients Are Saying

Working with Jennifer to uncover my Core Values was an eye opening experience. I was having a very difficult time putting my thoughts into words, particularly words that would resonate with potential clients. Funny enough, Jennifer seemed to be able to pull it out of me in no time! It is a service that no one else really offers and it digs deeper then just knowing your Brand or Ideal Client.

Sarah Sansom, Day By Design

I know I couldn't have come up with the core value statement on my own even if I sat in a room meditating for hours. It was the brain storming and collaboration that really helped us come to those insightful and concise sentences.
I can't wait to revamp my website and start connecting with others who believe what I believe.
Thanks again!

Tanya B, Plan to B Events

I liked that it seemed like a conversation but I had no idea that you were writing / note taking in the background and then you whipped out the statement and it was like BAM, perfect. there it is.

Holly Carney, Holly Matrimony


The Investment for uncovering the CORNERSTONE of your business is $247