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Product Description

New to the Wedding Planning Industry?
Not sure where to start?

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably generating timelines and checklists from your head, wondering if you’ve missed anything,
hoping to look professional in front of potential clients, and most of all – earn an income!

Like any business, there’s lots to love about weddings, but you may not love
all the paperwork that seems to ‘get in the way’ of the bigger picture.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Dive into the planning parts that you love
knowing your checklists and timelines are handled!

With more than a decade of experience as a wedding planner, combined with my skill and passion for
creating SYSTEMS THAT WORK, jump start your business and
start earning income with just ONE of these templates.

 Simple, yet thorough

Effective and practical

Balanced and complete

With a complete set of templates and checklists that you can begin using immediately,
the Quick Start program is straightforward and streamlined, and puts you ‘in business’ instantly.

These templates are a practical, hands-on approach that will have you client ready and looking professional immediately.
You’ll lessen your workload, and maximize your dedicated work time.

Each template/tab can be used as is (just change the logo!)
or can be further customized for your own business needs.

Templates Include:

  • Client Intake Form
  • Expectations Quiz
  • Scale of Importance
  • Wedding Budget
  • Vendor Comparison Sheets
  • Wedding at a Glance
  • Guest List template
  • Guest Table List
  • Floor Plan
  • Wedding Day Timeline
  • Vendor and VIP Timelines
  • Transportation Log
  • Client-Vendor Payment Calendar
  • One Month Follow Up Form
  • Rehearsal Checklist
  • Contact Sheet
  • Invoice Forms
  • Staffing Forms

Included in your purchase:

* The most recently recorded webinar video

* A one-to-one conversation to ensure you’ve got it all handled

* Upgrades for future templates as they become available


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