Meeting Management

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If you’re a new planner, chances are you’re excited and a little nervous
when it comes to hosting a professional meeting with a potential client, especially if you’ve never done it before.

One of the biggest challenges and the most commonly asked questions and concerns I see come from new planners that are worried about getting it right.
You really only get one chance to make that first impression.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a client meeting, here’s your chance to really get the inside scoop.

I walk you through my entire process, meeting by meeting, so you’ll know the types of things you’ll need to be ready for
when facing a couple inquiring about your professional services.

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Meeting Management will cover these important strategies:


SESSION 1:  Initial Meeting:

  • How to prepare for a first meeting with a new client
  • What to bring/share/show
  • The importance of the Quiz and Priorities Checklist
  • How much info to give, and when to hold back
  • Dealing with objections
  • Sharing your Unique Selling Proposition

Session 2: Wedding Budgeting:

  • Basic Budget Breakdown
  • Which areas are ALWAYS a MUST HAVE
  • Priority-Based Budgeting
  • Jigging the Remaining Budget to Make the Numbers Work
  • Ensuring the Client Gets the Biggest Bang for their Wedding Buck
  • Real Time Budgeting Exercise
  • Bonus: Free Budget Template

Session 3:  Timeline Meeting:

  • How to prepare
  • How much time is required
  • What are the steps to ensure nothing is missed
  • How far in advance should this be done
  • Vendor inclusion or exclusion (when, how much info and more)

Session 4:  Rehearsal and Final Week Preparations:

  • How many revisions need to be shared
  • Who actually needs to know this
  • How much communication is required and when
  • How to manage the Wedding Rehearsal
  • What information should be shared the night before

Session 5: Wedding Day Execution:

  • How many hours will you work
  • How many staff members on site
  • When should you arrive / stay until
  • Extra profit vs. extra bodies
  • How to provide over the top service
  • Tools for excellent execution

This FIVE session course provides:

  • Full access to all the video tutorials
  • Homework assignments
  • Meeting Management Flow Charts
  • Tried and true templates and checklists
  • Work through the videos at your own pace – all at once, or over time!

What Planners are saying

Jennifer,  Thank you SO SO much for sharing your knowledge with me these past 5 weeks. I found your sessions extremely informative and will recommend this class to all wedding planners I come across!

Time went by so fast during each lesson as you were so great at explaining everything and keeping it fun! I would totally do a full day/ half day seminar with you!

Looking forward to putting your tips and recommendations to use and hope to be able to join another webinar series soon!

~ New Planner

Jennifer is an absolute delight which makes this course more then just a valuable learning experience but an enjoyable one too.

Each session was jam packed with information. This was not the first time that I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Jennifer’s immense knowledge, and I truly hope it is not the last.

~ Sarah Sansom
Day by Day Weddings and Events

The sessions was well thought out, clear and held my interest. Thanks Jennifer – you’re awesome.

~ Janice R.

Jennifer’s Meeting Management series was exactly what I needed to help me to launch a successful wedding planner business! The information she provides in these sessions is invaluable and I recommend that all new planners take advantage of what she has to offer!

I have never created a wedding day timeline or budget so I was extremely grateful for her detailed information on how to build these two incredibly important documents! I feel a new wave of confidence after having attended her sessions and I truly believe my business will be more successful because of the information she provided me during these sessions!

Thanks again Jen!
~Pippa Le Messurier-Girling

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