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Grace or No Grace?
Making Way for Wedding Magic
Whether you work in the wedding industry, or are ...
Whether you work in the wedding industry, or are getting married, we ALL want that wedding magic to happen for you on your day. As a bride or groom, that's probably top priority for you. It's what you day dream about, no doubt. As a planner or wedding supplier, it's our job to help make that happen. But how DO we make it happen? Let me assure you, it's not in the 'stuff'. Sure, a gorgeous room, decor, design, dove release can all add to a spectacular event, but the 'magic' is really a FEELING that takes place when everything is right. As a planner, it's my job to make way for that magic. Making way for wedding magic happens in the planning stages. It's why it takes close to five hours from start to finish just to create and fine tune your wedding day schedule. Because THAT'S where all of the logistical planning happens. THAT'S where we determine the timing of the First Look, the Introductions, the First Dance, the sentimental speeches. Ensuring there's tissues on the pews, and wine at the podium, that the music is cued at exactly the right spot, and that the lighting is set. That's logistics. We plan for those 'spontaneous moments', so when your loved one delivers their heartfelt speech and raises their glass to your new future together, or when your father cries just a little as he spins you on the dance floor, you can enjoy that moment to the absolute fullest, carving out a special memory that will be etched in your mind forever. Making way for wedding magic is about ensuring all those details are handled, so we can fully serve every special moment you've been dreaming about. Weddings aren't about the 'stuff'. They're about the magic. And that's our specialty. If you want that wedding magic, you need to plan for it. Go ahead and get yourself a magic maker today. Your memories will thank you for it.
Butter Cream in Summer
Rehearsals – Why You Need Your Officiant
Let’s talk Wedding Rehearsals. As a planner, I u...

Let’s talk Wedding Rehearsals. As a planner, I used to run them for couples on occasion when their officiant wasn’t able to attend, or there was an extra cost incurred for having them there.

While I will always ATTEND the rehearsal, I’ve since stopped offering my services to RUN them as an option, and here’s why: I am a professional planner. I create plans and execute them with precision. I’m also skilled at keeping my cool under pressure and finding solutions during impromptu situations that arise. I will cue the bridal party, fluff your dress, give a nod to your DJ (and SO much more). But I am not an officiant.

While I do hold a theatre degree (who knew, right?!), and could certainly pull a Joey and act my way through an emergency ceremony (unofficially of course), I am not YOUR officiant.

Some officiants charge an extra fee for them to attend the rehearsal, and by the time you reach that day you will no doubt have major spending fatigue. You just can’t even think of spending another $200 when someone else (myself or anyone else), whom is perfectly capable, could ensure that everyone stands in their places.

But let’s look at this from another angle. Your wedding ceremony is the very centre and purpose of your celebration. THIS is the reason you’ve called all your loved ones together to celebrate with you. Your ceremony is the place where your vows of love are exchanged, your promises, your most intimate yet public declarations about your future together is said here, to the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

When I run your rehearsal, I’m most concerned with making sure people know where to stand, when to walk, when and where to light the candle. But your rehearsal is so much more than that. You are preparing for one of the most significant commitments you’ll ever make in your life. This time is special in and of itself too, because your officiant (while still making sure everyone knows where to stand and when to sign), is connecting with you.

Your officiant holds a special relationship for the couple and for the family/loved ones that attend. It’s an opportunity to create a special magic that will never be repeated. There are subtle nuances that take place, a quiet nod to special touches only the couple knows of, and an agreement for all involved about how everything will flow so each person is made to feel special and included on such an important event.

Practically speaking, having your officiant run the rehearsal ensures that everything you’ve done will be delivered exactly as rehearsed. There is no middle man, no misunderstanding, no chance for miscommunication because the officiant who will be bringing you together as a married couple on your wedding day, will have walked through every move WITH you.

Having YOUR officiant run the rehearsal will ease your stress. Even if you’ve rehearsed with a planner, you might still be wondering if all the information got passed along to the officiant and if the new changes you made were communicated. You can’t very well stop the ceremony to tell your officiant that you decided to walk on the right side of the table to sign instead of the left because you knew your dress would be too big to work with the original plan.

When you’re at the rehearsal, you’re very nearly at the finish line. All the hard work you’ve put into planning this day, gathering loved ones near, and it’s time to rehearse it all. Your rehearsal is sort of like Christmas Eve. It’s the night before the big day. And it’s been a lot of work to get there, but you’ve decided not to invite a key player. The one that will actually make it all official and legal.

Your job on your wedding day is to be present. Present IN THE MOMENT, to all that’s happening with the person you love. It’s very difficult to be present when you’re worried about what to do next because the officiant wasn’t there at the rehearsal. You don’t want this to feel like the first time you’ve done this - even though you’ve already rehearsed it.

In the grand scheme of things, a few extra dollars will do a lot to ease the stress, execute the plan correctly, and will help you be present. Remember that there are no do-overs. This day will only happen once, so it’s worth doing well.

And while you’re rehearsing, I’ll be making fastidious notes about every move so that I can do MY job well on your actual wedding day too. It’s a total win-win. 

It’s Just Music… Said Every Regretful Bride
J&E-97Today’s post is lengthy, but important! It’s in praise of the humble, and often overlooked DJ, as a fairly unimportant detail – especially to the bride, and especially in comparison to her choice in photographer, dress, flowers, decor etc…. After all, “it’s just music – right?” Wrong.  Music, or rather, your entire source of entertainment, is KEY to a successful event – your Reception PARTY! Who has a party without music?! (more…)
Wedding Day Timeline Tips
When it comes to planning your wedding, "Put Your ...
When it comes to planning your wedding, "Put Your Money Where Your Memories Are!" There's more to creating a fantastic party than you might think! Find out how!
Wedding Details (in a Box!)
Trust The Expert
Like most things in life, we call upon experts to ...
Jen-Modern-Design-300x300Like most things in life, we call upon experts to share their inside knowledge in areas we are unfamiliar with. The same goes for weddings. While most people have put together a party or two in their life, weddings are a different beast all together.  You may be able to check the oil in your car, but have you ever changed it? Weddings are kinda like that. A lot more goes into the process than first perceived. I do believe that couples should research their wedding ideas and wishes as much as possible, but when it comes down to booking suppliers, you need to know that your vendors are professional, reputable, and trustworthy. Hiring a planner to source these vendors for you will save you time, energy, and ultimately, money, during the research and decision-making process. (more…)
Plan For Your Experiences
These days, in the fast-paced world of sound bytes...
J&E-93These days, in the fast-paced world of sound bytes and instant gratification, there’s something to be said for stopping to smell the roses. Literally. There’s so much to appreciate about that little rose… its shape, its colour, its smell. There’s much more to appreciate about such a small thing, or act (like stopping to breathe for just a minute). It’s an experience. An ‘experience’ locks in a memory – good or bad. (more…)
Creating Your Wedding Professionals Dream Team
Knowing how and why you’re choosing your Wedding...
Knowing how and why you’re choosing your Wedding Professionals Dream Team will be a major factor in the success of your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.
Include Your Groom!
"Hey girl, I can't wait to drink hot cocoa & s...
Ryan-Gosling-300x300"Hey girl, I can't wait to drink hot cocoa & snuggle as you show me your wedding pinboard..." So ladies, we may not all be so lucky to hear this from our fiances, but let’s cut them some slack… chances are, they haven’t dreamed about the ‘big day’ since forever, like we have! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things that your guy wouldn’t love to see happen on your wedding day. Why not make it a point to ask him what’s most important for HIM? Could be an awesome DJ, or stellar get-away car, a unique wedding ring that he loves to look at, or maybe he’s dreaming about a fabulous honeymoon so you can both finally relax and enjoy each other without all the hustle. (more…)
Wedding Vision
I imagine you survey the room, or ceremony space, ...
blog-img3 I imagine you survey the room, or ceremony space, or see some small details that tie the event together, or see yourself laughing, dancing, and loving each other on such a special day. Overall, what is the ‘feeling’ you want to create for your wedding? (more…)
Newly Engaged?
If you’re newly engaged, congratulations! Today...
Engaged-292x300If you’re newly engaged, congratulations! Today’s note is for YOU! Being engaged is such a unique and special time – unlike any other time in your relationship. You’re not ‘just’ a couple anymore, and you’re not quite married yet, so you’re somewhere in the middle of ‘where are we going in our relationship?’, to ‘now I’m just somebody’s wife!’ (thank you Monica/Friends for THAT timeless and hilarious scene!). (more…)
Be A Great Guest – The Ceremony
Part deux of this series, today’s topic helps th...
JS-300x199Part deux of this series, today’s topic helps the wedding guest participate in the most important part of the wedding itself – the Wedding Ceremony. While it seems fairly obvious what to ‘do’ at a ceremony (witness and support the couple), there are many other things that make this special part even better – or worse – depending on a few things that you may do unknowingly. (more…)
HOW Much For A Wedding Planner?!
How much should you pay for a Wedding Planner, or ...
wpic_set2-46How much should you pay for a Wedding Planner, or any wedding professional for that matter? Well, it depends on a few things – namely, experience. There are definitely ‘Industry Standards’ out there, meaning there is a range you can expect to pay, however, not all Wedding Planners are created equal. If you’re in the Toronto/GTA area, you can expect to pay anywhere from $800-$1,600 for Wedding Day (Month Of) Coordination. Within this range, you can expect experience from pretty new, to seasoned. (more…)
Your Wedding Day Schedule
One of the biggest areas when it comes to planning...
Seating-Chart-300x300One of the biggest areas when it comes to planning a wedding (that sometimes gets the least attention or concern!), is the actual Wedding Day Schedule or Itinerary. Most people don’t think that it really matters – or that things will just magically fall into place. After all, the venue knows how it usually goes down, right? Or is it the DJ? “I mean, they do this ALL the time, so just do it like the last one…” (more…)
On-site Coordinator, or Independent Wedding Planner?
Have you ever wondered if you need a wedding plann...
J&E-21Have you ever wondered if you need a wedding planner if you’ve already got an ‘on site’ wedding coordinator with your venue? Here’s a quick breakdown of how they’re different: (more…)
Trisha and Russell
Trisha and Russell enjoyed their gorgeous wedding ...
Trisha and Russell enjoyed their gorgeous wedding celebration  (more…)
Tony and Tina
Tina and Antonio’s wedding was a timeless celebr...
Tina and Antonio’s wedding was a timeless celebration. Every detail (more…)
Brittany and Jeff
This Real Wedding is in praise of the DIY Bride. M...
This Real Wedding is in praise of the DIY Bride. My lovely niece, and her (more…)
Be A Great Guest – The Wedding Invitation
Wedding season is upon us, and if you’ve already...
Screen-shot-2013-04-25-at-8.39.03-AM-300x212Wedding season is upon us, and if you’ve already received a wedding invitation (or seven) this year, lucky you! Weddings can be great fun, but only as fun as the couple and guests are willing to make it!  And that ‘fun’ starts from the get go. (more…)
Want Great Photos? Hire a PRO!
Hiring your photographer will be one of the most i...
_X8C7963Hiring your photographer will be one of the most important investments you’ll make for your wedding. The images taken on your special day will be one of the only ‘real’ memories you’ll have once it’s all over. And it goes fast! Trust me on that one! At first glance, some couples may have sticker shock when they see the starting fees for a professional photographer, but let’s break it down a bit: Professionals are just that – professional. If you adore their work, it’s likely because they have studied their craft and art for many years, so that you look even more fabulous on your special day. (more…)